Employee Benefits Reports

Part of the service we provide to our valued clients is a monthly newsletter with current and relevant news in the employee benefits industry.  As a courtesy, we are also providing them here for your benefit.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have or if you would like more information.



January 2015

    • IRS, HHS Cracking Down on "Skinny Plans"
    • COBRA Basics
    • How to Be a Better Benefits Buyer
    • No Reimbursements for Individual Coverage



December 2014

    • Return of the Association Health Plan?
    • What Employers Need to Know About Bonuses, Awards and Gifts
    • Ebola in the Work Place
    • Retirement Plan Limits  for 2015



November 2014

    • What You Need to Know About Wellness Programs
    • Your Employees Want Education
    • How the Affordable Care Act Affects Dental Plans
    • The Importance of Dental Plans


October 2014

    • Avoiding Pregnancy Discrimination Claims
    • Critical Illness Fills a Benefit Gap
    • Your Reporting Responsibilities
    • Retirement Plan Basics

September 2014

    • Solving the U.S. Life Insurance Crisis
    • ERISA Turns 40
    • How Much Does Obesity Cost Your Business?
    • Affordable Care Act Update


August 2014

    • Cancer Care and Your Employee Health Costs
    • Benefits for an Aging Workforce
    • Keeping it SIMPLE: Retirement Plans for Small Businesses
    • Vacations: The Cure for the Stressed-Out Worker?

July 2014

    • The ACA and HSAs
    • Hybrid Pension Plans Offer Viable Alternative
    • Escalating Prescription Costs Worrying Patients and Payers

June 2014 

    • The ACA and Temporary Workers
    • Qualified vs. Nonqualified Retirement Plans
    • Through Thick & Thin: Using Skinny Plans and Fat Plans to Cut Healthcare Costs
    • DeMinimis Benefits: Little Perks that are not Taxing

May 2014

    • Cobra and the Affordable Care Act
    • Disability Happens: Are Your Employees Prepared?
    • Mandatory Sick Leave: Coming to Your Workplace?
    • IRS Clarifies Employer Reporting Requirements

April 2014

    • Clarifications and Tweaks Contine to Chanage ACA Implementation
    • Vision Plans: Inexpensive and Effective
    • What the EBSA will ask for in a 401(k) Audit: Documention You Need
    • Good Benefits = Good Mental Health + Good Business


March 2014

    • How EAPs Help Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs
    • E-Cigarettes in the Office
    • Why and How to Avoid Escheat of Abandoned Retirement Funds
    • MyRA - New and Improved Retirement Plan, or Not?

February 2014

    • The Argument for Employee Benefits
    • How Do Your Providers Rate?
    • Dental Plans for Every Budget
    • Life Insurance: Employer Programs Can Eliminate Dangerous Gap

January 2014

    • The ACA Expands Mental Health Benefits
    • Whatever Happened to Managed Care?
    • Transit Benefits: Get More Mileage Out of Your Benefit Budget
    • Affordable Care Act Update


December 2013

    • Employer Checklists
    • What You Need to Know About Stop Loss Insurance
    • ERISA and Voluntary Plans
    • HIPAA and Employers


November 2013

    • Private Exchanges: An Option Worth Exploring
    • Life Insurance: The Foundation of a Benefit Program
    • How the ACA Affects HRAs and FSAs
    • Help Employees Avoid These Seven Enrollment Mistakes