Retirement & Investments

Financial Planning is an ongoing process involving a client and a Financial Advisor collaborating to identify the client’s long and short-term goals resulting in a written plan designed to achieve those goals.

  • It is the foundation for establishing a trust based relationship
  • It requires a client service model of at least annual meetings with clients
  • It is not product focused

 The Elements of Financial Planning

 There are six industry-recognized areas of financial planning:

1) Financial Position: This is a snap shot of current cash flow and net worth including all assets and liabilities.

2)  Protection Planning: Protection against unexpected loss in the areas of death, disability, accident and illness.

3)  Investment Planning: Accumulating assets to help clients reach their goals.

4)  Tax Planning: Strategies to minimize and possibly avoid payment of unnecessary taxes, including consideration of investments because of their tax treatment.

5)  Retirement Planning: Accumulating sufficient assets through a variety of retirement planning devices to generate sufficient income so work becomes optional.

6)  Estate Planning: Passing a client’s estate to heirs in accordance with client’s goals while also minimizing federal and state estate taxes, probate expenses and estate administrative costs.


Financial Planning Process:

We serve our clients as the catalyst in developing a financial direction, using all our consultative skills and knowledge, within a step by step process. Based upon a client-centered perspective, we will strive to “know our client” in order to make suitable recommendations for product and services. Each step of the process brings the financial services professional and the client into a closer relationship from which we both benefit. The natural outcome of this process is establishing a strong relationship with our clients, becoming their trusted advisor.


Individual Financial Services

Individual Financial Products

Fee Based Financial Planning

Investment Income Planning

Risk Analysis & Management

Morningstar Portfolio Review

Education Funding Planning

Life Insurance Needs Analysis

Estate & Charitable Planning

Beneficiary Planning

Final Expense Planning

IRAs and Roth IRAs

401k Rollover Accounts

Asset Management Accounts

Asset Timing Services

Brokerage Accounts

Bond Investing

Equity Stock Investing    

Mutual Funds

ETF Exchange Traded Funds

Certificate of Deposits

Fixed Interest Annuities

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Guaranteed Income Options

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