Human Resource Support

We are dedicated to supporting our clients by providing practical and easy-to-use HR and benefits tools, forms and guidelines. Each one of our clients has access to WBPs HR Portal, as well as our award-winning online HR library HR360 that will guide you every step of the way in such key areas as retaining employees, paying your employees properly, understanding which state & federal labor laws you are responsible for, step-by-step guidance for hiring, disciplining and terminating employees and much more.


HR Portal

We recognize one of the most cost effective solutions for saving employers both time and money is utilizing the web for benefit communications and we are dedicated to helping our valued business partners succeed. By providing the practical and easy-to-use HR Portal to each of our clients, communication to employees regarding your company's benefits and human resources information will save you immense time, effort & money!

Your customized HR Portal includes:

Employee Home Page This is the first page your employees will see. You have the ability to customize your site to incorporate your company's specific content such as company information and announcements, videos and articles and anything else you decide!

Employee Benefits

This feature assists with communication requirements under the ACA (Affordable Care Act). It allows you to give your employees immediate access to all of your company's benefit information such as their Insurance Provider, Policy Numbers, Plan Summaries, Doctor Directories, Provider Logins, etc.

Human Resources

Accessible from any internet location, you can provide your employees access to your company's:


  • Employee Handbook
  • Company Policies & Forms
  • Company Jobs
  • Enrollment & Change Forms

Direct HR360 Link

A direct link to the award winning HR Library that will greatly assist you in the hiring, termination and discipline of employees, It is also a great resource for keeping up-to-date on all the changes that are happing in the Health Industry.

Compensation Statements

Employees often overlook the cost of employer-sponsored benefits. Throught the use of this feature you have the ability to illustrate the value of your employee's total compensation package. You can show the monetary value of Rmployee Benefits, Retirement Plans, Employee Bonus's, Government Taxes, Paid Time Off and other company perks. We offer samples that can either generate a standard template with your default information or can be customized and tailored for each employee. Get ready for an eye-opening experience!



We have partnered with HR360 to provide our clients with a new, award-winning online library that delivers comprehensive, easy-to-navigate human resources and benefits news, content, tools and forms to companies nationwide.

Our online HR library also features dynamic interactive HR tools such as job description builder and a salary benchmarking tool. You'll also find esy, step-by-step guidance on how to comply with major laws including Health Care reform, COBRA and FMLA as well as key HR functions such as hiring and terminating employees. Whether you have five employees or 500 - our comprehensive, easy-to-use site makes it easy to stay compliant.

Your HR360 Library includes:

  • Interactive compliance guides that provide step-by-step direction on how to properly conduct performace reviews, interview, hire and terminate employees
  • A Benefits Compliance Calendar
  • Step-by-step interactive guide for implementing COBRA and FMLA
  • Fast, efficient online HR tools for developing job descriptions and salary benchmarking
  • Over 700 downloadable forms, posters and model notices
  • Federal and state employement law information
  • Monthly HR and benefits newsletter

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