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Life insurance can play a number of important roles in the business world, benefiting business owners, employees, and family members.  These plans can help with business contiunation in the event of a loss of a business owner or key-employee, they can help accumlate funds for retirement and can also play a significant role in estate and survivor needs planning.

Group term life insurance can be provided to your employess with premiums that are generally much lower than with individual term life policies.  Generally, the first $50,000 of such coverage is tax-free to the employee. 

Wisconsin Benefit Planning can help you with:

  • Employer Paid and Voluntary Life
  • Guaranteed Issue Term Life
  • Whole Life
  • WOW Life
  • Executive Carve out
  • Key Person



Disability Coverage Insurance Plans

As the name implies, a "group" disability insurance policy covers a number of people who are linked in some way, such as through an employer, a trade association, or a school. Benefits are paid to replace earnings lost due to accident or sickness. Premiums may be paid for by the individual, the organization, or both. Generally, the cost of group coverage is less expensive than the cost of individual coverage.

The following documents are provided for more information on Disability Insurance. If you have any questions, please call us and we'd be happy to help!

Wisconsin Benefit Planning can help your company provide the following Disability Insurance Plans to your employees:

  • Employer Paid and Voluntary Plans
  • Long Term Disability Plans
  • Short Term Disability Plans
  • FMLA Integrated Plans
  • Executive Carve Out
  • Key Person



Why use Wisconsin Benefit Planning for your Group Life & Disability Insurance?

Because careful attention must be paid to federal, state and local laws, your local professional agents at Wisconsin Benefit Planning can provide the guidance and knowledge you need to ensure that all legal requirements are met.