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Why Use Wisconsin Benefit Planning for your Group Health Plan?

Americans spend more per capita on healthcare than any other nation.  Examining the risks and costs of employee benefits is a critical issue for every company's sound financial management.

At Wisconsin Benefit Planning, we assist you in offering cost effective, creative benefit programs to attract and retain key employees.



Our success depends on constantly evolving new and creative strategies to keep pace with our client's rapidly changing needs.  We provide comprehensive evaluation of various data that allows us to help clients determing the real value of benefit options and impending decisions.  Wisconsin Benefit Planning ensures clients make smart moves with confidence and measurable results in the following areas: 

  • Plan Contract & Document Review
  • Service Provider(s) Evaluation
  • Perparation and Submission of RFP's (Request for Proposals)
  • RFP Evaluation and Summary
  • Benefit Program Selection & Implementation Cost Projections & Risk Management Evaluation
  • Benchmark Studies
  • Contribution/Funding Strategy
  • Compliance Consulting



    Wisconsin Benefit Planning leverages our expertise and broad array of partnerships to help clients realize greater value, service, provider accountability and lower costs in their benefits programs.  With our clients' vision foremost in our minds, we effectively secure and protect your employee benefit costs and risks.  We can help with:

  • Evaluate and Qualify Providers of Service and Risk Holders
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Submission
  • Vendor Procurement
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Program Implementation, Training, & Enrollment
  • Multi Year Agreement Negotiations
  • Performance Guarantees Negotiations


    Strategic Planning

    Smart business begins with a clear understanding of goals and objectives.  Reaching those goals requires planning, intelligent information and tireless effort.  Having a clear vision for your benefits programs is an essential part of any company's planning process.  Wisconsin Benefit Planning implements data driven strategies that allow clients to modify or enhance benefit programs and contain costs in the following areas:

  • Benefit Program(s) Utilization Analysis & Determinations
  • Customer Service Solutions for HR, Accounting Departments and Plan Participants
  • Worksite Wellness and Disease Management Strategies
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Growth Planning


    Some of the benefits we can help provide your company include: